OoA update possibly next week

understandable that I have not updated OoA sooner like I promised. I’m sure it will be updated maybe sometime next week. I have just been extremely busy lately and haven’t bothered posting stuff. ๐Ÿ™ no worries, after OoA I plan to make the next few walkthroughs go by a lot quicker than usual. after that I won’t be making any more walkthroughs, but there will be the occasional post from me and the story from my friend will be updated. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Alpharian files

yo, โˆ†รฅหšยด’s IN THE HOUSE!! btw: name=secret, so don’t wonder nothin, and don’t juge my westernish accent nor my misspelling of teh wordz.

jklol, i spell well. But srsly, im going 2 write an awesome story. I will probably be very behind, but i’ll try to put in something every weekend. no promises though. It is called “The Alpharian Files” and it is about several things. If i told u one thing about it it would be a major spoiler. So i wont. just read it. K. i know wut ur thinkin. Just use teh mouse and klick it. plz. rly. i want 2 be popularity. plz.