OoA update possibly next week

understandable that I have not updated OoA sooner like I promised. I’m sure it will be updated maybe sometime next week. I have just been extremely busy lately and haven’t bothered posting stuff. 🙁 no worries, after OoA I plan to make the next few walkthroughs go by a lot quicker than usual. after that I won’t be making any more walkthroughs, but there will be the occasional post from me and the story from my friend will be updated. 😉

OoA matters

I am trying to work on the walkthrough but I don’t have any time to do it. I can only play Oracle of Ages on certain days. 🙁 I have become very busy lately and I haven’t had that much time to work on the walkthrough. 🙁 I will try to do the best that I can and will try to figure out a way to fix things. 🙂 Thanks for viewing this site. 😉

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OoS error

Apologies to you guys who read my Oracle of Seasons walkthrough. I didn’t notice that when I was playing the game that I totally skipped the Moblin’s Keep part. 🙁 Thus subtracting one heart piece. 🙁 I don’t have time to add that part, but the walkthrough you’re using will have to do. Sorry about the error though. 🙁

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extremely sorry! 🙁 The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages may take a little longer than usual. I have been writing stories of my own and I’m getting them edited. Other stress has been getting in my way as well, so it has been a while since I last thought of posting this. OoA should be up sometime this week or next week. I’m on spring break so I should speed this up a bit. 😉

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OoA update

well, as you can see, i have finally published OoS to the party. i will be starting Oracle of Ages soon, but it might take a while to do. be patient with this and i’ll be sure i have my friends updating their stuff too. i still need to change the actual title of this website, so you guys need to wait for a minute to see the actual title. 😉

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New Members

Just thought I’d let you guys know that two of my friends are using my website to write stories of their own, so their names are Zanderomega and readaholic. So I would really appreciate it if you looked at their stories if you could. I’ll change the subtitle for you in a moment okay? 😉 Thanks for looking to the walkthroughs for advice, the OoS walkthrough will arrive in a few days or so. 😉

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OoS walkthrough update

Really sorry for not telling you when I think the Oracle of Seasons walkthrough will be done. It should be done in a week or two. I have told myself that I would do one section of the walkthrough a day. I’m still on the first one so far, but it will get done eventually.

thanks for staying posted though. 😉

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Apologies for not responding sooner :(

Hey, listen I apologize for not telling you guys that I started getting busy with other things and the LoZ OoS walkthrough is delayed. 🙁 I really have gotten busy with other projects. I guess I should tell you that I will not accept comments that have web links on them and sayings that make no sense at all. So, don’t even think about it! 🙂

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