LoZ 2 walkthrough update

I managed to release this walkthrough and it has everything set up from heart containers, to magic containers, to spells, to link dolls. I must warn you that this game is EXTREMELY complicated. If you get a game over I’m sorry, but you must follow the directions carefully. Who knows? I might have led you to the Great Palace without the six crystals in their place. =)

by: Zindera_Omega


It turns out I finished the walkthrough earlier than I thought. It has all the sidequests and everything done. Check it out at the page that is titled “The Legend of Zelda.” Leave a comment by clicking on the word bubble. =) Enjoy playing the zelda games.


LoZ 1 Walkthrough update

Hey people it’s Zindera_Omega again. FYI on the Legend of Zelda 1 update, I’m about halfway finished making the page and it will be ready for you guys to know all the strategies and whatnot in these zelda games. I still need to beat the games and everything else. So, I don’t think I’ll be done typing the walkthrough until probably the end of next week. =) Just lettin you know.