The Alpharian Files

Chapter I

After running through the hall for several hours, I discovered a vault. I jumped inside, and found a similar, if not the same hall. I ran again, trying to avoid the alpharian “president.” In my opinion, the term “tyrant” would be more appropriate. Anyway, this wasn’t an average run. In fact, it didn’t take much physical energy to use. I simply just ran. I didn’t think about breathing, or anything like that. Running like that didn’t take much energy. I was mostly thinking about where to jump, how to distract Mr. X, (or Mr. Tyrant) or how to decode, defeat, etc. Running was almost automatic.

Anyway, as I was saying, I ran into a vault into the next hall. I then discovered an opening in the ceiling, and, without even knowing it, I automatically spread my arms, somehow grew these wings, and glided out. Mr. X wasn’t pleased. All he did was flip me off, like a wanabee toughguy. (what a n00b)

Now, before you get all confused, you have to know that I knew as much at this time as you did. About the situation, that is. I knew this person as a tyrant, as I previously saw him behead someone for coughing when he didn’t want him to. I gave him the name Mr. X as he had a name-tag that said “Hello! How are you? I’m X” only the X was written in blood. I’m not sure why the name-tag. Anyway, I flew out, and discovered that I just came out of a sewer pipe in some sort of city from earth. Next to the entrance to the sewers, I discovered a body of water. I looked at it, and, for the first time in all the history that I could remember, I saw myself. I had brown hair, I looked about fifteen, and I had a shirt that seemed to have a marking on it. It looked kind of like an O, but then again…

I then decided that I didn’t know my past, and that is just wanted to know. I knew that Mr. X was alpharian, because of some sort of instinct. I looked at him, had an overwhelming sense of hatred and fear, and had the word “alpharian” come in my head. So I knew that. I also knew that I could fly, and I knew average trends here, like English, what kind of clothes to wear, etc. I just woke up with that knowledge, as if I’ve lived here my whole life. Except I don’t remember it at all. And that’s what bothered me.

I was walking down the street, trying to figure out how to get money and shelter, when this thirteen year old kid comes up to me and says “Mr. Z! Where have you been! I was looking everywhere I was scared that you went into the zone did X find you whats up did you bring me that pop tart that you owed me?” In reply, I simply said “umm…. did I seriously owe you a pop tart?” He said “Yes, of course, Z man!” “Umm… why am I ‘Z man?'” In reply, he said “You know you told me not to say your name at all, for security reasons, don’t you?” “umm… Alright kid, to be honest, I have NO idea who the heck I am. Just blow these security reasons of mine, and tell me right now. If you’re paranoid, just whisper it.”

He then whispered “…Zander…” and at that very moment I had some feeling as if I just had a major clue about something important that I had to remember. It was on the tip of my tongue. I didn’t even know what I was looking for. Then he said “you remember me, don’t you? You can’t forget me. I’m your unofficial son, remember?” Then I looked into his eyes, and I had a similar sensation as before. “Alright kid, you really need to fix me up. You must know about me. I think I lost my memory.” “Oh no.” “What?” “Mr. X really did that to you? He took out your memory like this?!” “You ok kid?” “NO! Oh boy, nobody messes with Lil X like this!”

“Kid, what does ‘X’ even mean? I mean, with both your names.” “Later! Follow me. Now!”

So, that’s just what I did. I followed him to a dark alleyway, and discovered a small sewage entrance. “Alright kid, I know I’m probably some sort of juvenile delinquent or something, but there is no way that I am going to go in the sewers. I don’t even know what country I’m in, if there is a high cancer rate, if there are crocodiles in there…” “You are in some sort of suburban area, I think in the desert. Because of this there aren’t any crocodiles, and I haven’t heard of any sort of disease outburst. And besides, if all of those things were in there, you would be fine, as this ISN’T a sewer entrance. It’s a disguise.”

So, I went down into the sewers, and I found myself in a luxurious elevator. Li’l X pushed the down arrow, and we went down. When we made it to the floor that he wanted us to go to, we stepped inside a beautiful lobby of some sort. The carpet was red, with lights of some unique design on them. There was a front desk with something that looked like an O on it, with a woman behind it. She had glasses on, as well as black hair. She looked a bit older than me. She was reading something when she started to look at us. “You check’n in cap’n?” Was she referring to me? “Yes I am,” said Li’l X. “Come in Xavius,” said the woman. “Did you bring the big boss with you?” “Yes. Have you ever met the famous Zander Omega?” I’m famous? Did she call me the “Big Boss?” How did I get to have to owe this kid a pop tart?

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Omega!” said the woman. “I’m Zindera. Call me Zin. We have the same last name, but it sure was common on Mulu.” “Alright, I’m pretty sure that you know lots of things about me. Starters: Who am I?” “What? You don’t even know yourself?”

Then Li’l X said “This is what I think happened:” then he pulled her to the side, and whispered something to her. After that, she totally flipped. She didn’t literally, but if she did, I wouldn’t be surprised. “Did he seriously do that to you?!” said Zin. “Quick, tell me all that you remember currently!”

And that’s what I did. I told her all about me running down the hall, how I flew, and how I met Li’l X. Then she said to Li’l X “Why did you want him to call you ‘Li’l X’? You know that your Earth name is Xavier.” “Sorry, ma’am.” Then I asked some questions. “So, do you two know who I am, and where I came from?”

Then they looked at each other. Then Xavier told me this: “Sir, you are not an Earth human. Neither are we. We are from a planet called Mulu that was recently evacuated because of a terrorist group that populated a once great planet: Alpharia. It had some of the bravest people in the universe, had a great political and economical system, until one day, they decided to move to terrorism. There were several groups of people who left, and scattered across the universe for a safe place. Your parents protected you on the voyage, until they were attacked by a terrorist ship. They quickly shoved you and Zin into a supply port, saving you and your sister, however not saving themselves. Your parents were heroes before, one of the greatest, but this was their last act of heroism, and the greatest. The port was going to be launched to Earth for trade reasons. You were originally going to go to another planet with some of the most sophisticated people and technology.”

“How do you know all this?” I said. “Zin found a record when she was on earth for ten years. It had her parents’ (and your parents’) death certificate. She then recreated the organization that her parents worked for, which was called Omega, which was an anti-alpharian terrorist group. Right now, we are trying to find the capital of the group, and we have reason to suspect that it is on earth,” said Xavier.

After that whole explanation, I had a blast of memory come over me. I even knew what my parents looked like. My dad looked a bit like Xavier, and my mom looked a bit like Zin. Then I asked “Wait, how does Xavier come in to play?” Then Zin said this: “I’m actually his mom. I didn’t marry you, because you’re my brother, but I married the only male who was on the same mission. He’s upstairs.” Then I asked, “Why did Xavier call me his ‘unofficial son?” Then Zin said “Xavius doesn’t really like his father much, and I myself have moments with him. He likes to get drunk a lot. So, he turned to you, his uncle. You’re his second-most trusted adult. They even let you pick him up from school.”

Then, from some sort of instinct, I asked “How old are we?” Zin then said “You and I are 512 years old, and Xavius is only 13 years old.” “How long have we been here?” “About twenty years.”

Then, I had all of my memory returned. I came here with Zin, we found out our story when we were younger, we made this place on the day of Xavier’s birth, we learned about X, how I owed Xavier a pop tart, because of how we bet that I could or couldn’t do a triple backflip, followed with a triple front flip in ten seconds, as well as several other memories that I cannot write, as you would be reading this for several years.

“Thanks guys,” I said. “So, the only thing that I don’t remember is where my suite is. Can you tell me?” “Sure,” said Xavier. “You are on floor B5 in room 100.” “Thanks.”

Chapter II

(continue later)

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