Funny LoZ MM pic.

I found this hilarious pic. on google. I was looking for a good pic. to put on the MM walkthrough, but I stumbled across this one. Enjoy! 😀

The scary moon= lol face moon! 😀

This pic. has been very weird for the past few times I’ve seen this. I just had to post this pic. because it made me lol. 🙂 I love your comments, but please enter some comments on the new walkthrough I just published! 🙁 I miss comments on new things I just barely published. 🙁 OoT is the most popular zelda game ever! Why do you guys turn it down like that?! It’s making me angry! 🙁 If it makes you feel any better, I won’t post anything else! 🙁 Unless I hear one comment from this post or OoT, then I will leave it open to the public! 🙂 Remember this post! 😀

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